Test & Evaluation Kit for q4Logix

qmd4 offers a limited free test account for q4Logix. This includes access to the qmd4 cloud system. Optionally you can run q4PLC Simulator on Windows operating system.

However, to evaluate the full power of the q4Logix programming environment, you will need a suited PLC hardware.

q4PLC comes pre-installed with the low budget PLC CONMELEON:

  • Raspberry Pi
    • 4 Analog Inputs 0-10V , 12 Bit Resolution
    • 4 Digital Inputs, optically decoupled
    • 4 Digital Outputs, 250VAC / 2A, max. 60W
    • Internal mikroBUS™ Interface
    • Power Supply 12-24V DC
    • Easy to handle screw terminals

For more informaion, see http://www.conmeleon.org/ (Open Source Project)

Can be combined with q4BoxLogix

For more information don't hesitate to contact us!