Why we do what we do!

As qmd4 we have the vision of automation engineering taking place in the user's favorite web browser. We have already begun making this vision reality by developing an easy-to-use IEC 61131 engineering tool running as a pure HTML application in any web browser.

This approach makes your system fully independent from the users’ preferred hardware or operating systems. Whatever your customer prefers, being it Windows, iOS, Linux or Android powered devices, she will use the same IDE platform and get the same features.

The Advantage for OEMs

The advantages for system providers are as following:

  • one-time development cost for systems on different platforms
  • tailored function & function blocks for individual applications
  • free choice of server infrastructure
  • minimum cost for delivering regular updates
  • based on proved industrial standards (HTML5; IEC61131-3).

The Advantage for users

The advantages for system users & software engineers are as following:

  • no costly and nasty license management, e.g., using dongles
  • no software installation on own device needed
  • free choice of any desktop or mobile device, also during projects
  • easy access to current and previous versions of q4Logix
  • optimized functionality for individual applications
  • easy to learn programming language with a shallow learning curve


For more information don't hesitate to contact us!